What can I do to help?

Caring for someone can often feel like a large responsibility. While it’s natural to worry, the positive news is that many people who have AFib can live active and happy lives. Here is some practical advice to assist with this.



Know the facts about AFib

AFib brings an increased risk of stroke. Learn more about this and some of the things that can reduce the overall risk of stroke. Making sure the person you care for follows their doctor’s advice is probably the most important thing you can do for them.

Know that taking care of yourself is also a priority

The responsibility for another person’s well-being can feel like a heavy weight. Everybody reacts differently of course, but it can also feel as if you are disconnected from your emotions.

Being able to share your feelings and worries with others can make all the difference. Telling someone how you feel can be like taking a load off your shoulders, and it’s good to have more than one person you can do this with.

It’s very helpful to stay connected with your support network around you, as it will remind you that there is another side to you, beyond the one who is providing care and attention. There’s nothing selfish about this as it replenishes the energy you need to be supportive on a daily basis.